hello! this is the weird medieval guys substack. i am still deeply confused by the subtler nuances of this website so thank you for bearing with me while i work it out.

you probably know me from twitter, where i post funny medieval art. this substack is where i give more fun information about:

  • the art that i post

  • medieval life and history

  • sometimes non-medieval history

i post every week at the very least! i would love to post more but i have a full time job and it takes a lot of time to write posts. you have the option to pay for a subscription to access half of my posts. this helps me make more content for you and support myself! you still access biweekly free posts even if you do not pay :)


this is a general wmg faq!

do you accept submissions of art?

  • yes! please feel free to dm them to me on any social media platform. if you have a source you can send along that’s even better, but it’s cool if you don’t

can i submit my own medieval-inspired work?

  • yes! if you are an artist, scholar, or other type of creator who makes anything related to the middle ages, feel free to send it to me and i would love to share it! i do not do paid promotions under any circumstances and i don’t share anything not related to medieval art and history, so do not dm me about those things.

why didn’t you respond to/post my submission?

  • i’m sorry, but i get quite a few messages every day and while i do look at all of them, i do not have the brain power to reply to each one. i also can’t post every single submission i get. a lot of them are lovely but if the image quality isn’t great or they’re not actually medieval, i probably won’t share them. don’t hesitate to bump your message once but please don’t dm me incessantly!

i’m looking for a specific piece of medieval art i saw once/the source of an image i found. can you help?

  • feel free to dm me, but no promises!

i want to work with you on a project, are you interested?

  • i love hearing from journalists and writers who want to talk about weird medieval art! i am not open to collaborations on merch or most commercial projects. if you are a publisher or editor interested in talking to me, please email my agent tom at tomkillingbeck@amheath.com rather than sending a dm or email to me directly. thanks!

about me

okay, i know you’re mostly here for the guys. but i thought i’d introduce myself!

i’m olivia and i run weird medieval guys. i’m not a historian or a medievalist or a codicologist or anything. i’m actually a statistician who wrote her undergraduate dissertation in 2022 about new ways to measure historical frog population change in the uk. so in that sense, i’m kind of a 20th century frog historian, but also not really.

i’ve also been an artist and art enthusiast for just about my whole life, and i do my best to make sure my posts are as factual as possible. if you read anything on my posts that sounds wrong, please do leave a comment or email me on weirdmedievalguys@gmail.com. i will correct it!

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i'm olivia and this is the official weird medieval substack :)